Duration: 3'00" Out: 24/11/2023
Genre: Synth Pop // Electropop // Electronica Language: English

The new single from SUKURI, with a fresh and danceable sound at 116BPM, speaks about the uncertainty of what perfection and affection truly are. Two characteristics that can be completely different for each person, especially in a time when reality is fleeting and the virtual world is increasingly present.

What would we be willing to do to attain perfection?
Nobody Knows...

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"Salomé" is a silent film from 1923 directed by Charles Bryant and starring Alla Nazimova. It is considered one of the first artistic and LGBTQ+ films. 

In this new 2023 edition for the music video of the single "Nobody Knows," a completely new story is created by reusing images from the original film, where the protagonist, Lady Isabella, a frustrated artist, longs to be the greatest dancer of all time. 

What should she do to achieve the desired perfection?



Everybody’s faking, 
But all our lives are breaking,
We’re waiting for perfection to come.

Let’s fake it,
All together, we could make it.
Give everything you've got, or you better pretend,
I guess that’s not so hard to understand!

It’s not so hard, honey!

Nobody knows what perfection is,
Not even you, though. What about affection?
Nobody knows, ‘coz pleasure comes and goes,
Nobody knows, no, nobody knows!


SUKURI is the alter ego of DJ and music producer GONZii, originally from Portugal, who has been producing songs since 2002.

His single Star Sensation (2021) was nominated in the Dance category at the 2022 IPMA (International Portuguese Music Awards). He was also one of the winners of the "Tu música como banda sonora de un videojuego" contest organized by Rock&Change platform, which allowed his single to be part of the Original Soundtrack of PlayStation's video game CrisisVRigade 2.

In addition to being a music producer, he is the resident DJ at the renowned bar El Cangrejo, located in the vibrant neighborhood of Raval in Barcelona, where he currently resides.

His main musical influences include artists such as Björk, Goldfrapp, and Tiga.

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